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Kao esta måtto i tiempo para ta hassuyi Indipendiente?

An insightful article in the Chamorro language about independence for Guam, written by Peter Onedera for the Pacific Daily News in 2010. Onedera is not an official member of the Independence for Guahan Task Force, but he has been a longtime activist for Chamorro rights and the revitalization of Chamorro language and culture.
Kao esta måtto i tiempo para ta hassuyi Indipindiente?
By Peter R. Onedera
September 21, 2010
Ha sangåni yu’ si nanå-hu gi i dinikike’-hu, na gi i tinituhon i gera, ha lakngos i Estådos Unidos i militåt-ña giya Guåhan ya ha bira siha tåtte para i sanlagu. Ti hu komprende este guihi na tiempo sa’ hagas di hu pega gi i hinasso-ku na maneståba ha’ i militåt todu i tiempo ya siha manma espipiha nu i sendålon CHapanes, lao in fin, tumunok asta unu ha’ na taotao, si George Tweed, marinon Estådos Unidos.

Taimanu na manggof metgot siñenten-ñiha i Mañamoru put iya Estådos Unidos sa’ annai manmåtto ya ma na’fanlibre i tinaotao, meggai na silebrasion gi enteru i isla. Kantidå na estoria siha ginen as nanå-hu yan i manachaiguå-ña ya manmåtto di manggof dibotu para håfakao na Amerikånu ni’rumiprisesenta iya Estådos Unidos. Simbolo i banderan Gloria para ayu na linibre ni’ mumalingu gi durånten i gera.

Annai umåmko’ yu’, ma iduka yu’ mås put i presion inapåsi ginen i Mañamoru para ayu na linibre yan på’go kulan ti siguru yu’ esta put i entension iya Estådos Unidos ni’ tratamento-ña nu hita tåtkumu tiritoriåt taidinanña’ (ti akomprendiyon este). Mistet buente bai hu patriåtku sa’ magof yu’ ni’ salåppe’ Amerikånu yan i kombiñenten ayu na kostumbre, desdeki sesteman idukasion asta guatu gi i sinostienen lina’la’, ya ha na’fanhahasso yu’ nu i hinanånao-ta, piot i hinatsanhulo’ militåt, kao båli håfa bidadå-ña iya Estådos Unidos nu hita.

Gi kinahulo’-hu, tåya’ yu’ na hu fattoigue otro båndan kollat gi iya NAS Hagåtña, ni’, gi lahihot para songsong-hu, iya Espitåt Marinu yan i sagan ginima’-ñiha gi iya Tutuhan. Ayu dångkolon tiningo’-hu na guaha kumunidåt entre sanhalom kumunidåt gi ayu mismo na lugåt ya probidu para bai in hatme. Bula kuestion-hu siha guihi na tiempo ya tåya’ siña hu faisen sa’ tåya’ tiningo’-hu na taotao militåt.
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We Deserve to Be Free


“We Deserve to be Free”

Pacific Daily News

June 19, 2016

For two weeks, the eyes of the Pacific turned to Guam as our island and people hosted the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts, or FestPac. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to learn the stories and traditions of more than two dozen other Pacific Island cultures from our great blue continent.

During the closing ceremony of this historic event, delegates from these island nations banded together to make a powerful statement against colonization. Delegates from Guåhan and most of the other island nations who participated tied red or white bands around their arms with personal calls for freedom: “Free West Papua.” “Free Guåhan.” “Free Hawaii.” “Free Rapa Nui.” “Demilitarize Oceania.” “Decolonize Oceania.” And so forth.

If you looked closely at the flag bearer from Aotearoa (New Zealand) or the dancers from Kanaky (New Caledonia), or the aboriginal delegates from Australia, these bands were worn proudly on their arms throughout the ceremony in solidarity with members of the Guåhan delegation, who boldly reminded the crowd that our peoples continue to struggle for the human right to determine our destiny and govern ourselves.

When Guåhan’s delegation paraded the stage, 12 Guåhan delegates unfurled four banners with these words on them: “Decolonize Oceania. Free Guåhan.” And while the banners were met with loud cheers of “Biba!” and “Free Guåhan” from throughout the Paseo Stadium, there were also pockets of silence as the audience read the words and contemplated what they meant.

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