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Self-Determination 411: FAQ Sheet

What is Independence and Let’s Talk About Independence Sheet

Independence Overview Handout

The Case for Independence Overview Sheet

Hita La’mon: Hasso Independence: Unincorporated Territory Stat and Quote Sheet

Hita La’mon: Hasso Independence: Security Threats and Singapore Example


Commission on Decolonization Studies and Task Force Position Papers

An Analysis of the Economic Impact of Guam’s Political Status Options (2000)

Prepared by Joe Bradley

Independence for Guam Task Force Position Paper (2000)

Free Association for Guam Task Force Position Paper (2000)

Statehood for Guam Task Force Position Paper (2000)


Academic Articles relating to islands and independence

A different appetite for sovereignty? Independence movements in subnational island jurisdictions

By G. Baldacchino and E. Hepburn (2012)

On the Possibility of Economic Development and Self-Reliance in Palau

By Yasuaki Takahashi (1996)

Innovative Development Strategies from Non-Sovereign Island Jurisdictions

By. G. Baldacchino (2005)

Eco-Consciousness and Development in Palau

By Minoru Ueki (2000)

Oceania’s Political Institutions and Transitions

By Jon Fraenkel (2010)

The Faroe Islands: Options for Independence

By Maria Ackren (2006)

Reconciling Customary and Constitutional Law: Managing Marine Resources in Palau, Micronesia

By Tom Graham and Noah Idechong (1998)

Aid and Growth in Small Island Development States

By Simon Feeny and Mark McGillivray (2010)

Alternative Futures of State-Making in the Pacific Islands: The Case of the Republic of Palau

By Takashi Mita (2010)

History on the Line: East Timorese History After Independence

By Michael Leach (2006)

On the Convergence of Small Island Economic with Their Metropolitan Patrons

By Geoffrey Bertram (2004)

Security, Profit or Shadow of the Past? Explaining the Alliance Strategies of Micro States

By Kajsa Noe Oest and Anders Wivel (2010)

Is Independence Good or Bad for Development in Small Island Economies? A Long-Run Analysis

By Geoffrey Bertram (2015)

“Upside Down Decolonization” in Subnational Island Jurisdictions: Questioning the “Post” in Postcolonialism

by Godfrey Baldacchino (2010)

Taiwan’s Foreign Economic Relations with Developing Nations: A Case Study of Its Ties to Palau

By Eric Harwit (2000)

Central Bank Independence in the Pacific Island Countries: A Case Study of Vanuatu

By T.K. Jayaraman (2001)