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Decolonization Forum: Kanaky and Guahan

8/25 First General Assembly Meeting

The first monthly General Assembly meeting of the Independence for Guam Task Force will take place this week, Thursday, August 25th from 6 – 7:30 pm at the Main Pavilion in the Chamorro Village in Hagåtña. The public is welcome to attend, merienda will be provided as well as presentations, educational materials and a chance to join the Independence for Guam Task Force in its ongoing educational campaign. A General Assembly meeting of this type will be held each month. This first gathering is in honor of Ed Benavente, a Chamorro language teacher, a former Maga’låhi of Nasion Chamoru, and a fervent supporter of independence for Guam, who passed away last month.

Liberation Day Teach-In

Was the US retaking of Guam in 1944 a liberation or a reoccupation? A teach-in on the issue is being held this Friday, July 22 at 3 pm at the University of Guam HSS 106. If you are interested in learning more and obtaining a diverse range of literature on the topic please come and join the conversation.

Invasion of Guam_July_1944.attelong yan apaka

Decolonization Momentum?

“Decolonization Momentum?”

by Michael Lujan Bevacqua

The Guam Daily Post

July 20, 2016

As part of the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts, a series of panel discussions was organized by Dr. Lisa Natividad at the University of Guam, that focused on the three future political status options for Guam and different places around the Pacific that have already achieved them. A final panel discussion with representatives from the three political status task forces took place on June 2nd, 2016. Below are excerpts from a live-blog of the event that was recorded by Dr. Isa Kelley Bowman for the website “Mumun Linhayan.” This discussion between the task forces representatives was historic and emblematic of the new momentum that we are finding around Guam’s decolonization. I am optimistic that we will be able to maintain this momentum and continue to educate the island community about this issue.

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Educate to Liberate Teach-In

Hafa adai, todus hamyo!
Attached is the flyer with details for our first community event. Please join us from 4-6 PM on Saturday, May 14 and be a part of the conversation, learning more about the movement for Guahan’s decolonization.
Saina ma’ase-
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